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LOST and lovin' it!

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2006 at 10:35 pm

Video camera glasses: 200$

Wig: 20$

Rachel Blake Live: Priceless

Something money can’t buy. For everything else, There’s the LOST Experience.

ABC and the UK and Australian networks who broadcast the show LOST started an internet “game” spanning multiple sites and even print and TV ads. In this stage of the “Experience”, hacker Rachel Blake is attempting to expose The Hanso Foundation, the fictional foundation created in the show LOST, for what it really is. And if you’ve been following this like me, get ready to go nuts. during a Q and A session at ComicCon with LOST writers and actors, Rachel Blake herself, stands up says how the Hanso Foundation is paying ABC for ads and how the Orientation videos in the show are real and how they know something. Just like everyone there, when I saw this YouTube movie (thanks to for pointing it out) I went nuts! If you follow the Experience, you WANT to watch this movie. Don’t forget to go then to because Rachel told you to!

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