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The World is about to end: My Mac Crashed!

In Mac on August 7, 2006 at 9:42 am

It already happened but this time was different. The other times, I couldn’t wake up my MacBook Pro from sleep mode after playing around with an external monitor. This time was very different. I went to shutdown my Mac. Then everything disappears from my screen and a darkened background (like in Dashboard) slowly made it’s way down my laptop screen (I had the big one plugged in also), from top to bottom. I was wondering what was happening, thinking that Dashboard got activated by mistake or something. Then It came. A box in the middle of my screen; the background was the power symbol. In a couple of languages, I was being told that I had to restart my computer. Yes, It was (what I named) The PBSOD, The Power Button Screen Of Death. By nature, it was ugly but it had a OS X beauty to it. I could still see my leaf wallpaper, just darkened, which is much better than the doomsday blue screen you get with windows, telling you it’s dumping physical memory, what ever that is. I still love my MacBook Pro but oddly enough, this all new machine seems to have more problems than my old Mini.


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