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Best Buy Rocks Again

In Uncategorized on August 13, 2006 at 9:39 pm

Went there today and guess who was in the Mac section of the store: An Apple employee… that or a crazed fan who has an Apple shirt, hat and bag and who passed well as an Apple employee. Come to think of it, I didn’t any ID of any kind… Anyway, he knew his stuff. Even about Parallels! What really makes me say “Best Buy Rocks” is that Future Shop has the Singbox (which let’s you view your TV on your PC over your network and even over the Internet – Windows, PocketPC and Smartphone only, Mac coming soon) for $199.99 (Canadian – $50 off). Someone I know wanted it. We told that to a guy at Best Buy and shown him the flayer. No questions asked: he strait out said $189.99… and they had it normaly at the full price of $249.99. Wow! To top it off, freaking Future Shop is owned by Best Buy and the Best Buy guys don’t get paid by commission like at FS! The guy I was with also got an AirPort Express (with AirTunes to stream music wirelessly from a Mac or PC to a stereo system). Both installed easily and both work great. But needless to say, I’m a bit more excited about the Slingbox!

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