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Games… Neeeed Games…

In Mac on August 18, 2006 at 2:22 pm

One thing Mac isn’t known for is it’s game selection. And lately, I’ve been craving games. I have loades for Windows just laying around (like SimCity 4 and the Rush Hour expansion pack) not to mention some free ones I’m fond of (Albatross18, that I featured on the podcast, and FlyFF, a free cure for thoes who like World of Warcraft). Now, I can already hear you say “Boot Camp”. But the problem with that is that my XP CD is double un-qualified: it doesn’t have Service Pack 2 and it is an Upgrade disk. Even with other PCs around, what I realy want is to play games on my Mac: an all-in-wonder (Please don’t sue, ATI… or AMD now) Sure, I’ll have to reboot but hey, small price to pay for quality entertainment. But back to the problem, with the help of “Slipstreaming” or “XP CD without SP2 to XP SP2 CD” (legal as far as i can tell) and an external disk drive with Win 98 CD in it (thank you Macrumor forums), I just might get to play with my games! I’ll keep you posted.

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