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In Windows on a Mac on August 19, 2006 at 9:31 pm

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(Yes, I intended the image to look like the “Snakes on a Plane” logo)

Success! With some help from Paul Thurrott and the people at the MacRumors forums, I was successful in installing a Non-SP2 Update version of Windows XP with Boot Camp on my Mac! I’ve been doing the necessary updates (When shutting down my MBP from Windows, I ended up having to install 52 updates!) and installing the necessary protection. I also tried activating my copy. I was told that I passed my limit of activations (The only other time this happened was after the night that caused me to switched. If I remember correctly, I had to do a quadruple reinstall). So, like the last time, I called the number given. They changed since the last time, offering a computer voice-controlled activation process. After saying every number of the special extra-long ID in a computer-like voice to make sure each number is recognized (toward the end, after a screw-up, the system finally told me I could use the num pad), It said it couldn’t activate and sent me to a real person… who told me to call back in 45 minutes because the system was down… How come I find that funny?

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