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It’s not stealing, it’s adoting

In Apple on August 24, 2006 at 1:06 pm

It’s getting kinda ridiculous this “Microsoft copies Apple”, or vice versa, debate. Apple even brung on stage during the WWDC keynote a VP (if I remember correctly) just to bash Windows Vista. Something that some people might need to realize is that it’s hard for everyone to have a good, original idea all the time, every time. Virtual desktops (think “Spaces”) already exist, for example, not to mention Widgets before Tiger. Sure, Apple might be coming up with truly original ideas but let’s just face it: Most of the time people ether label ideas with their brand or take an idea and (hopefully) enhance it. Calling it “stealing” seems a bit harsh. Sure, if it’s patented, you can call it that but I doubt most people would want to knowingly steal a patented idea. Too much legal problems in the future. Now what about un-patented ideas. Call it “adopting”. You’re using a concept already in existence; that sure sounds like “adopting”, doesn’t it? So, cool down everyone with this talk of stealing ideas. They aren’t stealing, they’re adopting and hey! Everyone’s doing it.

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  1. […] Must be the first time Microsoft steals… oh, um adopts… from itself! Here’s the new Windows Vista and Office 07 box design. It isn’t identical but If you ever bough Office 2004 for Mac, you’ll see that both the new Vista/Office boxes are round-ish and plastic like the current MS products for Mac boxes. […]

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