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In Windows on a Mac on August 30, 2006 at 10:55 pm

Recently, a piece of news on MacDailyNews noted that Windows Vista’s Pre-RC1 build works on Intel Macs (except for two Boot Camp drivers), Aero effects and every thing (MBP anyway, although it noted that reports showed Aero even works with MB’s mediocre graphics card). Before, you had to destroy your Mac partition to install Vista, something that, obviously, wasn’t much of an option. Then, I discovered thanks to that MS was offering Vista Pre-RC1 free for a max of 100,000 downloads. I had a friend who’s a Windows nut who couldn’t get Beta 2 to work (while I could on an old PC box) so I decided to download it for him. But I couldn’t take it… I always found Vista’s Aero to look rather nice (the Basic style not so much) but the old box wasn’t powerful enough. I was thinking of trying Vista on my Mac… but then fear came in: what if it DOES erase my OS X stuff… or my ability to have OS X !?! I ended up needing two of my friends to motivate me but… I did it. And yes, it works. I’m typing this in OS X so I still have that. Oh and BTW, it doesn’t work with Parallels yet, just so you know. The it’s-not-funny-but-funny part is that my Windows worshipping friend still couldn’t get it to work. Weird, eh?

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