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Vista listens to you

In Windows on a Mac on August 31, 2006 at 9:42 pm

Windows Vista includes universal speak-to-text.  With it, you can dictate what you want to write.  But it’s speech recognition system doesn’t stop there: you can navigate through many programs with your voice.  There are three methods to do this: saying what you want to select, using a number association system or using the ” mousegrid ” interface.  The first option, obviously the best, lets you simply say what you see on your screen.  It was pretty amazing being able to say ” I accept the terms of the license agreement ” and having the work.  Secondly, there’s the number system.  By saying ” Show numbers “, all the places you can click get highlighted in blue and numbers show up over them.  All you need to do is say the number and OK to click that button.  It’s also used in case of the conflict.  Let’s say you have ” two ” and ” too ” or even one of those twice and you say ” delete two “.  The numbers will come up and you can choose which ” two ” you want to delete.  The third method is a bit odd and too complicated to be useful.  After saying ” mousegrid “, your screen is covered by a series of grids with numbers in them, resembling a game of Sudoku. You keep on saying numbers to find a specific area to click.  It’s an interesting technology but it’s still kind of aggravating, yet still oddly fun.  Fun enough to make me write in this post almost exclusively with my voice.


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