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Vista might look good but OS X is simply better

In Uncategorized on August 31, 2006 at 9:00 am

Like I already said, I have a friend who loves Windows. He finds ThinkPads are nice (Beyond the fingerprint reader, I have know idea why), and enjoys dissing the Mac anytime he can. And I like returning the favor. On the other hand, I have a friend who swears to the Mac. He hissed at my MacBook Pro when I showed him Parallels running Windows! I, on the other hand, would be a “Mac Guy” but, obviously, I do still use Windows and I’m interested in it. I have a preference but that just because I like what works well. I find that OS X is a safer and overall more stable platform (They still might want to work on laptop sleep support. My Mac crashed twice after exiting the sleep state). Not to mention software like GarageBand, that very literally changed what I do with my computer. Sure Windows Vista is nifty but you can smell from a mile away what awaits it: viruses, spyware, and security flaws. If Mac goes South, and it would have to go South in a major, major way, I’ll probably go back to Windows if it’s better that Mac.

Now, a bit about Vista. Yes, it looks real nice. Aero is amasing (Not to crazy on the maximised window look, though. Why go from bright transparency to black opaque …-ness?). But here we see how Microsoft’s and Apple’s look for the future differs (I’m talking of the “iTunes 6” look, in Apple’s case): Both look nice but Apple add simplicity. I love the border-less windows. I wasn’t too crazy about it before because it would mean I could just ajust windows from the bottom-right corner but now I find it is the best.  Sure, Aero has transparent edges but it still looks more bulky than the “iTunes 6” look.  Not only can Apple offer style and simplicity, they manage to offer functionality, too.  Flip3D is a lot like Exposé but the windows are somewhat stacked one in front of the other, hiding a bit the window behind it.  If you have many windows, this might make selecting the right window a bit complicated.  But, with Exposé, you can see all your windows.  Seeing all the windows and identifying the one you’re looking for might seem complicated, but in my case I can easily identify the window I’m looking for.  The iPod is the perfect example of looks, simplicity and functionality.  It’s very good looking and it has a very simple navigation system, the clip wheel, that takes care of nearly all your needs: play, pause and other controls, volume and navigating through the menus.  But, Apple seems to have a near obsession with simplicity over functionality.  Apple laptops could probably have many more ports but that might mean making them thicker.  But Apple still seems to pursue a balance of both simplicity and functionality while always looking good.  The MacBook Pro’s trackpad is a good example.  Refusing to ever dare split the button to offer left and right click, Apple decided to offer the ability to put two fingers on the trackpad and then clicking to make a right click.  The button keeps its unified look yet people can still initiate a right click and I actually find it pretty easy this way.


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