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Can I take that back?

In Windows on a Mac on September 4, 2006 at 10:27 am

In the last couple of posts, I was singing the praises of Vista Pre-RC1. Now, I don’t know if Vista is to blame for this but now I’m pissed off. Remember I said I had both screens working with FlyFF and iTunes? Scratch that: Next time I tried, the game wouldn’t stop shaking violently. It only worked again with iTunes closed and with one screen… and now, not even. Vista might still be thinking I have two screens but it still pisses me off. Plus, FlyFF’s anti-hack system detects the software as a hack. And what about the miracle of voice recognition? Sure the voice navigation is nifty but start spelling out words with capitals to Vista and you might be swearing to your computer like I was. “Capital A” “Capital A” “Capital A” “Capital A as in apple” (That’s suppost to help make it understand) “Capital A as in airport” “Capital A as in airport” “Capital A as in airport”…….. “Capital A as in assh… Well, you get what I mean. I’m starting to think about just resubscribing to World of Warcraft just so I can play a game in the functioning environment that is OS X. At least I know I can have iTunes playing: WoW has a new feature that let’s you add iTunes controls in the game! Sorry Microsoft, the Vista honeymoon is over. I’m just going to install XP when Parallels adds the 3-D support.

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  1. your problem is flyff, not the other progs. the gameguard feature prevents anything else from running correctly so as to “prevent hackers”, and apparently, everything else.

    just a random lurker helping out, seeya

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