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The Wii Vinci Code

In Wii on September 10, 2006 at 12:59 pm

Cryptologists have cracked the “Wii” code and give us the following information:

In the word “Wii” the letter W is actually made up of two V letters. As we all know, the V is the number 5 in Roman Numerals. There are two V letters, so naturally we add 5 + 5 and we have the first part of our answer, “10″, which is the month of the release.

Next, following the same logic we take the two remaining letters of the word “Wii” the “ii”. The letter “i” can also be represented as the number 1 in Roman Numerals. We have two “i” letters, so we add 1 + 1 together to get the last part of the answer which is “2″.

Now, we know that the “10″ is the first part which is the month, and we also know that the “2″ is the last part which is the day. Our answer? 10-2, or October 2nd.

Wii release october 2nd according to cryptologists – Wii60 – Join The Revolution

Kinda funny more than anything. Not that I wouldn’t be thrilled for a Oct 2nd realease.

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