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From Pods to Tunes to TV

In Apple, iTunes/iPod on September 12, 2006 at 4:40 pm

The Shuffle (finally) got an upgrade and the price and size can blow minds. It’s designed like the iPod Radio Remote except you have a full iPod Shuffle. 1GB is for… $79US?! Plus it syncs with a dock to your computer through it’s audio port!

The new Nano look pretty good, looking not like a mini iPod but a mini mini. Now you can choose different colours… except if you want the 2GB or 8GB models and not the 4GB one. The Black 8GB is by far one of the dumber moves I seen from Apple: It costs as much as a 30GB full-featured iPod!!

The new *sigh* upgraded, iPod gets, just like the Nano, a brighter screen, more battery time and search, all nice touches. But a nice features that, when I get a full iPod, I’m sure to use. GAMES! Not too much money and some nifty games like Bejeweled. Not 100% convinced on playing with the click wheel but I guess that deepens on the game. Plus ALL 5th gen iPods can get ’em! 😦 No iPod with Front Row this year!

iTunes 7 is a great upgrade from 6. I’m glad to see Coverflow is now in iTunes (It’s a bit slow to load images at times, though) and the new video controls were a needed improvement. The new iPod interface in iTunes is very nice, too. The new design of iT7, I’m not very fond of and the new icon is just not pretty.

Oh, and one small thing: Sure, you have 240 shows and now movies but guess what, I DON’T. I hope movies come soon in ’07. Be nice, Steve, and bring TV shows here too.

Plus Apple preview an upcoming product that’s not an OS. GASP! Code-named “iTV“, it will let you play your media content (Movies, Music, Pictures etc.) on your TV. It will go for $299US.

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