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iTunes: Rype and Ready

In Apple, iTunes/iPod on September 12, 2006 at 9:58 pm

iTunes worked. The connection with the iPod worked. The store worked. There’s not doubt about it. But I feel like with iTunes 7, it’s the first time Apple means buissnes. The overall look has been refined so that stuff just feel together, nothing sticking out. iLounge noted the disappearance of Aqua (The OS X interface) in the iT7 interface. instead, you have more bland yet, again, unified colours. In the Store and the Source list, you find CAPITAL lettering, an unusual thing for Apple. All around you see very un-Apple things. Or atleast things that aren’t like the Apple you knew. iTunes always had a cheery, happy, care-free feel to it, probably due to Aqua. Now, it looks more professional. It still works, if not better with one-stop upgrade and restore for iPods inside iTunes, but Apple’s choice of colours seems to show that they’re realizing they aren’t the small, hip Mac maker with a hit product but a big company who’s ready against all attacks. Is it a sign of fear? That might be stretching it but who knows? They might see Zune as a possible problem and this is the way they answer.

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