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Excite Truck: The game I nearly missed

In Wii on September 16, 2006 at 3:43 pm

I had two games in the 2006 Wii line up I was interesed in. Wii Sports asside (I’m interested in it but it comes with the Wii), they were Red Steel and Rayman: Raving Rabbids. I pretty much didn’t care for the 1st party line up (again, except for Wii Sports). But then I saw footage of Excite Truck. I knew about, I saw a bit of it before but I never really cared for it. But after some of that footage, man! I want it! At launch! I never found a good racing game (never looked much, either). ET has what seems as obvious controls:

In order to move your truck you will need to press the would-be A button in order to accelerate, the B button to brake, and use the control pad for turbo. Excite Truck will then be using the accelerometer in order to steer and land jumps. To steer, you tilt the controller left and right in motion similar to using a steering wheel. To land jumps appropriately, you must tilt the controller in whatever direction will be needed in order to have all four wheels land in unison.

IGN: Excite Truck Preview

I don’t care for gears or anything like that, I just want to go fast. And according to IGN’s videos, I’m going to go fast and high. Sweet! Move out Rayman! Excite Truck is now taking your place on my wish list!

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