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Way to be ahead of the times, CTV!

In Mac on September 28, 2006 at 7:34 pm

No, I’m not dead. No, I haven’t been playing WoW non-spot (OK, A lot? Yes). And as for last week,s podcast, I decided to forget about “iSwitched presents isp”. I’ll explain more during this week’s podcast.

Now, let’s go down to business. I’m no fan of the US-only iTunes TV Store. I get even more pissed when I try to watch those “Free Online TV Shows” that the US networks offer. I always end up being told that it’s US only. Unfortunately the only US show I seem to be able to get free and legally up here in Canada is Deal or No Deal on Global’s website. But CTV does offer some canadian shows like Corner Gas and Degrassi for free. Unfortunately…

Is CTV Broadband supported on Macintosh?

Although is optimized for the PC systems as described above, the streaming video can work with most Mac systems.

PowerPC powered Macs – we suggest using Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player 9.

Newer Intel powered Macs – you must run Safari in “Rosetta” mode, with Windows Media Player 9.

Note – broadband will not work with the Flip4Mac plugin at this time.

This is from the help section of the CTV TV show player. IE for Mac? No longer downloadable. WMP 9 for Mac? No longer updated and Microsoft recommends Flip4Mac (which is unsupported). “Intel” Safari in Rosetta mode?! Are you kidding!? C’mon, CTV! Use Flash or Quicktime or something!

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  1. […] When I first found out about CTV’s Broadband Network, let’s just say it was pretty disappointing if you were a Mac user. Since then, Mac support became much better, with support for Flip4Mac. But […]

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