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Holiday GameWatch ’06

In Wii on October 6, 2006 at 7:22 pm

So many (Too many, even) games are coming our way in the upcoming holiday season. Here are the ones I’m excited about:

Elite Beat Agents for Nintendo DS

I guess you can call it “Dance, Dance Revolution, DS style”. Using real music (A IGN clip showed the game with the song “Walkie Talkie Man”) and wacky situations, you – mostly – tap buttons to the beat to complete levels.

-Final Fantasy III for Nintendo DS

The one that never came this side of the Pacific, remade in glorious 3D. This might shock some, and trust me, many gamers will be having a heart attack by the end of this post, but I never owned a Final Fantasy game. I played my friend’s Kingdom Hears, not to mention having Chains of Memories and then trading it in, and FF X-2 or something but that’s it. It seems really interesting and seems like it can be used as a “World of Warcraft” fix when away from my Mac.

-Wii Sports for Wii

I’m glad it comes with the Wii. Like I already said, it was a “I’d like to play it but I doubt I’d buy it” game for me.

-Wii Play for Wii

More mini games and it seems it comes with a Wiimote without the numchuck. I’m going to keep my eye on this one.

-The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for Wii

Time to stab gamers in the heart again: I never owned or played a Zelda game. I’m ready to try this out and see what it can do. If I like it, I might get it and who knows: I might even go get some classic Zelda with the Virtual Console.

-Red Steel for Wii

Another confession: I never owned or meaningfully played a first person shooter. But I must say this one looks sweeeet! I’m debating between Zelda, this and Excite Truck to be my first… well ok, second game for the Wii.

-Excite Truck for Wii

Trucks going fast and going really hight in the air with simple controls. Pinch me; I’m dreaming.

WarioWare: Smooth Moves for Wii

I played all the WarioWare games (except that GameCube one) and I love the wacky and fast-like-crazy gameplay! But I’m really not a fan of making a fool of myself. This ones a maybe.

-World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusades for PC/Mac

For the Average Joe WoW Player, this isn’t a no-brainer: you can live without this or atleast wait for a price drop. But the new races and Outland do seem interesting. I’m still wondering about how big Outland is. You’re pretty much paying for WoW in full again: you kinda hope you’re getting something for your money.

Well there’s the list for ya. If you have choices of your own, go ahead and leave a comment.

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