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In the Immortal Words of Tim Alen: MORE POWER!

In Mac on October 11, 2006 at 7:01 pm

I like using GarageBand. By itself, it’s worth the price of iLife (heck, nearly every app except iWeb – it’s great but it’s more of an addon to the others – is worth the price). Probably the single best podcasting app and a great music maker, for musicians and non-musicians alike (although, I can only account for the non-musician side of that comment). I love going in there and making music with the loops. Having a .Mac subscription also offers me some samples of Apple’s Jam Packs (overpriced if you’re a seasonal music maker like me). I try to try something new with GB when I make a new track (By the way, you can download my creations right here). This time I deiced to dive way into GB’s software instruments. There’s a way to play some music with you’re average keyboard and record it in GB. It’s not exactly easy because you can’t stuff all the music notes on your keyboard so you’re left scrolling through them or using GB’s screen keyboard (you click the keys). But I decided to press on some keys and I got a nice 4-note combo going on. I recorded it but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I adjusted the length of every note, made them equal, made the space between them equal and made GB repeat the 4 notes and it sounds great. Remember, I’m no musician. Yes, 4 notes isn’t anywhere near a masterpiece but I’m still proud of myself and GarageBand.

Now for a related story, the My Dream App contest is going on (I talked about it here) and there’s one piece of software I can pretty much swear with certainty that I will buy if made and priced reasonably: Whistler. It let’s you whistle (among other methods) a tune in a mic and make it sound like an instrument in GB. Sweeeet! Now that would make me even happier about making music in GB! Vote for this app! And if it looses, and I sure hope it doesn’t, someone HAS TO MAKE IT! This is too good of an idea to let it fade in to history.

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