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I’da bought one if I didn’t already have a nano

In Apple, iTunes/iPod on October 12, 2006 at 11:37 pm

Photo evidence and the big man himself (Steve Jobs) confirmed it.

“Talk show host Oprah Winfrey and humanitarian rocker Bono hit the city’s ‘Magnificent Mile’ on Thursday for a shopping spree to promote a new line of clothing, accessories and gadgets, including a special-edition iPod, that will raise money to fight AIDS in Africa,” Ashley M. Heher reports for The Associated Press. “Dozens of ‘(Product) Red’ items will go on sale in the coming weeks by Gap Inc., Apple Computer Inc., Motorola Inc., Converse Inc. and Emporio Armani.”

“Apple will contribute $10 from the sale of each new red-colored iPod nano. The model, priced the same as its $199 cousins, goes on sale Friday,” Heher reports.

MacDailyNews | Steve Jobs, Bono confirm ‘Product Red’ Apple iPod nano, iTunes ‘Red’ gift card

Nice job although seeing how Nintendo was ready to spare the full price of pink DSes for breast cancer, it’s seem a bit low, 10$. But, in all fairness, that Nintendo offer probalby was for a day or a couple of days. This seems to be semi-permantent. Plus, red looks soo much better than pink. Still, just 10$? Even if I won’t be helping the fight against AIDS with a shinny new red iPod nano, I will gladly go for a red iTunes gift card (also coming). If I can find them up in Canada, I’ll most certainly go for it! I do have a long iTunes wishlist going on… Buy legal music, stop AIDS!

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