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Thanks Don!

In Uncategorized on October 22, 2006 at 3:20 pm

Don McAllister, who hosts ScreenCasts Online, does what he does real well. He’s the one that made me learn of Libsyn, my current podcast hosting service, which is just perfectly tailored to podcasters, and not pricey at all. It’s from him that I leaned about Flock, the cool Firefox-based browser with special features like blogging and Flickr support. Now I nearly never use Safari and when I’m on my mac, it’s the only way I upload blog posts to my blog. He cleared up the mystery of OmniOutliner, included on my MacBook Pro, which ends up being a pretty powerful outlining app that’s a bit the equivalent of MS’s OneNote on Windows, which was a great Idea but was very pricey. And now, he’s done it again! He has me interested again on a new thing: SiteGrounds, his website hosting provider. Offering a very interesting set of features (Free domain name, 40 GB of space, 900 GB in bandwidth and the amazing Fantasicocheck out the screencast to know more) for a nice, economical price – a price that comes to $4.95 a month paid for 2 years with no setup fee, my mind started working again: This is a great alternative for both Libsyn (unless my podcast becomes very popular all of a sudden) AND .mac ! I have my e-mail service, podcast hosting and website hosing in one very economical package! So expect the iSwitched website, and everything around it, to change soon. Because I have alot of my money set asside for my Wii, don’t expect a new site too soon. I’d say end of December, start of January. It will be before my .mac subscription renews. And you’ll probably be seeing a new name as there’s no good domains left with “iSwitched”. I already have some ideas that I’ll leave brewing in my mind in case a better one comes up. So, thanks again Don! You sure know how to get people excited about what you talk about in your screencasts. Keep up the good work!

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