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Why Blockbuster will love the Wii

In Wii on October 29, 2006 at 11:47 am

The Wii seems to have a special power: Unlike any other console, it’s made me want to play nearly every (good) game. Like I said before, I don’t own any first person shooters but I want to try out Red Steel. Never played a Zelda game but I’m probably going to pick up Twilight Princess in December. I’m not very fond of stakeboarding games but I wouldn’t mind trying out Downhill Jam. I can’t wait for Excite Truck and Rayman : Raving Rabbids. Rayman seems like the kind of mini-game fun and pure insanity that I love in the WarioWare series (just minus the insane time limits). How can one system deliver so much possible fun? It’s the nature of the games itself : I doubt anyone would get all excited about pressing buttons. Here, you do the actions and that’s fun by itself. Sure, you need to back that fun with graphics, storylines and more but look at it this way: I would have never been interested in playing Red Steel if it was an XBOX 360 game. I might have passed on Twilight Princess if it stayed a GameCube exclusive. I’m not what you might see as a “real” gamer : I like simple games (like WarioWare) or “different” games (like Animal Crossing). The most in-depth game I have and one of the only RPGs I played is World of Warcraft. I’m slowly getting into more games (I’m planning on getting FF III for the DS later this year) but nothing relay made me interested in these games. Nothing pushed me to try them meaningfully… until the Wii came.

By now, you must be wondering what in the world does this have to do with my post title. Well, I’m not planning on buying all these games. I’m already not the kind of person who replays anything; when it’s done, it’s done. Heck, I traded in Paper Mario : The Thousand Year Door before finishing the final boss. I tried maybe once or twice then stopped completely. So if a game doesn’t seem interesting and long enough, I won’t buy it. It won’t be worth it for me. That’s why I might look to video game rental stores to fulfil my need to try everything out. If after trying a game out there’s still a lot to do and I find it fun, I might go buy it. And there you go: that’s why Blockbuster will love the Wii. It has that special something that entices you to try out new things. I guess Nintendo’s non-gamer strategy isn’t just for non-gamers.

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