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In Wii on November 12, 2006 at 4:46 pm

I’ve been clearing up my desk space to prepare for the Wii. My desk has a hutch with a space for a tower. There, I had 2 DVD case / CD case / DS case holders. I cleared a part of one out, full of CDs (by putting 2 CDs in one case. A little space saving tip for everyone 🙂 ), to make room for my Wii cases. Because the best TV is the one used for viewing shows, I need to use a small 15, 13 something inch mono TV. Talk about the perfect set to play some Zelda. This setup is temporary… but I’ll talk about that later. Unfortunately, the set didn’t fit in the tower opening so I had to put it on another table… after having reorganize everything. Oh, well. I did find my old Bluetooth mouse that I though died on me : it didn’t! 😀 Yay, no wired-base, wireless mice for me! I also found somewhere else 4 rechargeable batteries and their charger, great for either my Wiimote or mouse (both, if I buy 4 more… The Wiimote uses 2AAs right?).

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