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The Problem with Me and Zelda

In Wii on November 22, 2006 at 11:42 pm

Well, I’ve been playing with my the Wii (*sigh* You can’t avoid those darn Wii jokes.) and a lot of Zelda. I’m at the first dungeon and I realized something : I’m not a “Zelda” person. A “Zelda” person is someone who likes to think when they play video games… like, a lot. Not just the occasional “What am I doing here? Oh, wait! It’s this way.” thinking, the “Where the heck is that darn item. I can’t pass if I don’t have that item that’s probably the on the other site of the area on a seemingly unattainable platform” thinking. Wouldn’t you know, I’m a “WarioWare” person, someone who likes fast fun with little thinking or at least quick thinking. That might explain why I think Rayman is some of the best fun you can have with the Wii.

Whenever I find myself in a puzzling situation in a game, I try a bit, get pissed, stop playing and go to the web for the answer. But walkthroughs are like drugs : They’re addicting. All the answers to everything you need to know in one, convenient place. So you start using them for every small problem you have. You start disconnecting from the storyline and now your “gaming experience” becomes just a series of button presses and, with the Wii, gestures to arrive to the end where all you have to show for it is the title of “Person who finished the game” and a whole lot of wasted time, if you even feel like finishing.

That disconnection can go as badly as it did with me and Paper Mario : The Thousand Year Door. I used walkthoughs to get through some parts and that and the fact that I’m a “WarioWare” person made it that I tried the final boss once or twice and stop forever. I never tried again and ended up trading-in the game.

What you should feel is a sense of accomplishment and many other emotions because of the storyline. So here’s a tip for you “WarioWare” people in a “Zelda” world : Try you best to find your way out of a puzzle and if you can’t, find the answer in a walkthrouh. When you do, close that browser window as fast as you can and go back to that game. You’ll need to use your will power to not go back for every complicated situation so if you’re known to take a few too many candies before a big dinner or snoop around for your Christmas gifts (and you know who you are), stay with WarioWare to keep a meaningful gaming experience, even if it might be a thinner one than Zelda.

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  1. […] As previously noted, I’m a “WarioWare” person so the idea of Ubisoft’s Rayman : Raving Rabbids is enough to make me get the game. It’s a collection of mini-games, all operated with the Wii-mote (and nunchuk). The real question is “Is it worth it?”. That’s what I’m here to answer. This is my first game review so let’s get the concept clear. Mildly bad graphics don’t break a game. Parts of a game with sucky sound or parts using bad speakers (I’m looking at you, Wii-mote!) don’t make a game unplayable. Review systems have been talked about in recent weeks (Zelda fans want to kill Gamespot) so I’m not going to use one. If you could care less for an elaborate review and are the type to judge with stars or numbers, just skip to the last paragraph. You’ll see my overall impression of Rayman there and you can judge for yourself if it’s the kind of game you want. […]

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