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Universal Pain in the…

In Apple, iTunes/iPod on November 28, 2006 at 7:22 pm

So it seems Universal wants, in some way or an other, cash from Apple for the iPod in the same way it got Microsoft to give some for each Zune sold.

Well I think it’s time to tell them what I think and, unfortunately, I’ll have to use some foul language:

F*** you!

Really… Do they even realise that iTunes is keeping them from not loosing all their money to pirated music? Who do they think they are, them getting the money? Why Universal? If anyone’s going to get cash it’s the RIAA, and I pray this never becomes the case. This kind of argument was already brought up but does NBC ask Panasonic for some cash on every TV? Does Nintendo pay EA because they make games for the Wii or the DS? Does Heinz make Kenmore pay for offering content for their fridges? NO, NO, NO (or at least, I sure hope not). Why, oh, why should Apple pay one company in an industry of many money for no apparent reason just because they decided to offer content on their hardware?

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