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Companies That Make Me Loose Hope in Humanity

In Uncategorized on December 1, 2006 at 10:08 pm

It seems company these days are just looking to make idiots of themselves. I guess it’s time to start the “Companies That Make Me Loose Hope in Humanity” list.

-First up is Sony : They are able to blow up our laptops, infest us with malware and make the next-gen of gaming inaccessable to nearly everyone (not to mention the whole of Europe). I know of few companies that can screw up so many times in about a year’s time.

-Then there’s Universal : The explanation is here. I hope the door hits ’em in the rear after Steve Jobs tell them where to put their iPod royalties.

-Finally, you have our friends at BenQ, who thought that the worst terrorist attack in the US equals an advertising opportunity. That’s just sick and wrong. And please, just like MacDailyNews says, boycot them, not just until they apologise. Keep it up forever. No company with a quarter of a brain would do something so tastless.

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