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In Mac, Wii on December 20, 2006 at 10:26 pm

My 13 or 15 inch mono-sound TV is far from the experience I was hoping to have when playing the Wii but it’s what I got for now. I am planning on getting an Elgato eyeTV Hybrid to play on my Mac but as if only having mono-sound, the speakers suck. Playing Zelda with it is far from ideal. But like I said : it’s all I got.

I was playing with a little connector today I got with my iMic. It was a Red and White audio to audio jack connector and that got me thinking. I plugged in the Wii’s audio in one end and the other in the microphone jack in my Mac. I fired up GarageBand, set it to capture the correct input, added a real instrument track and in it’s Track info panel, set Monitor to On. Voilà! My Wii was playing audio into my MacBook Pro’s speakers and it sounded great! Now, if only I could get that Wiimote speaker to sound better…

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