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How Nintendo Was Cheep with Wiimote Straps

In Wii on December 29, 2006 at 7:11 pm

I was playing with my DS one day and I looked at it’s strap. It looked awfully sturdy. Then that got me thinking : is it just me or is the DS strap thicker than the original Wiimote straps? Maybe it’s just because it’s black compared to white. Well, today I got a second Wiimote with what seems to be the reinforced straps. Here’s a picture for you. The top Wiimote (Player 2) has the reinforced strap, the bottom Wiimote (Player 1) has a broken launch day strap – pardon the messy condition of the strap – and at the bottom is a launch day classic DS strap. Put on top of each other, the DS strap does seem larger that the launch day Wiimote strap. Now, I’ll be the first not to only blame Nintendo for broken straps but you have to wonder : Why would they use cheaper straps for products that were going to be flung around than for products that where going to stay firmly in your hands with no movement (except when playing WarioWare : Twisted, that is).


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