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Macworld Preview

In Apple, iTunes/iPod, Mac on January 7, 2007 at 5:40 pm

Since the Macworld keynote is coming up – Oh yeah…


… Yeah, since it’s coming up, I decided to post my predictions / hopes for it. Some of the ideas, I heard of on the internet but they seemed so good that I’ve adopted them too.

  • Usually the Apple logo’s at the keynote (on both sides of the screen) are backbit white logos but to go with the teaser and maybe even a new image for the company, they’ll be black and lit from behind (creating the halo effect like in the teaser).
  • Apple will remodel their site (someone else’s idea). I’m looking at a sleek black. Probably, overall the same design with the links on the top but no longer with the tabs.
  • Another borrowed idea : black iMacs. They’d match well with the first two ideas.
  • Last year was a transition year so it was mostly the insides of the Macs that got changed. This year is the year of product redesigns. The hard part is that Apple products are already so darn well designed. They might have a hard time outdoing themselves but for the sake of sales they will have to. The iMac will be first with the mini or a laptop second and the Mac Pro last, most probably toward the end of the year or even next year. That thing is already one hot PC as it is (quad-core šŸ™‚ ).
  • Leopard will be completely revealed with it’s top-secret features. Don’t ask me what but Apple will need to deliver to knock the socks off of Vista, not to mention us.
  • iTV will be there and will probably be ready to ship that day. It seemed nearly ready last year, anyway.
  • The iPhone (Obviously under a different name due to the fact they don’t hold the rights to it) will be there and will be a nano phone with comparable capacity and design. Video playback from it’s camera is possible but I don’t know if, due to it’s small capacity and screen size, video from the iTS will be playable. It’s possible they might make it possible just to not piss people off.
  • iLife and iWork will be there. Upgrades for both but iWork will have a new app : the rumoured spreadsheet program.
  • I say we’ll see one more thing no one would have had a clue about just to solidify the fact that this is a new beginning for Apple.

And one last thing : I hope to see movies on the iTS going international at the keynote. I wouldn’t mind TV shows either.

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