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Because Size Doesn’t Count

In Apple on January 9, 2007 at 11:44 pm

As you might know, the up-coming iPhone will be as much as a Mac as it’s an iPod because it comes with OS X. Even when the Mac has yet to do a meaningful attack on Windows PCs, It now has the chance to live a new life as mobile OS leader. Just think, the iPhone is destined to be as successful as the iPod. Yes, it’s pricey and has little in capacity but just as Apple noted at the launch of the nano, the original Pod launched with only 1,000 songs in your pocket and look where it is now. iTunes made its format the one of choice for DRM music. Everyone from the Pope to the Queen has an iPod. And who knows, Apple might just opt to make OS X the base of the next iPod (You know : the one that’s exactly like an iPhone but without the phone part. Yeah, that iPod that everyone wants). But one question must come up when talking of OS X possible mobile market dominance : Will Apple go at it alone? Apple isn’t one to offer it’s services to others. You still can’t by a Dell “Mac”; why would Apple make it so you can buy a Palm “Mac”? Are they scared of not getting their money’s worth by just licensing the OS? I’m no Mac historian but it seems that’s what happened in the early 90’s. It’s probably that they just see that they can make a crapload of money by selling both the hardware with their software. And they know that it will sell like hotcakes. The iPhone right now is aiming for the top of the line of the phone market. Soon, you’ll have a model aiming for a more mainstream level, an iPhone Nano, if you will. You might even see PDAs or tablet Macs. What I’m saying is that, if the iPod wasn’t a long enough bridge to the Mac, Apple will build one the opposite way : One that brings the Mac to the portable electronics market. And that bridge starts with the iPhone.

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