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In DS on January 18, 2007 at 8:54 pm

I felt a bit guilty when I returned and traded in my copy of Elite Beat Agents. It was a great game but I always got sweaty and scared at the thought of replaying it (Damn shutdown bug). All those levels… again… But I had the reassuring thought in my mind that I would be enjoying a copy of Final Fantasy III soon enough. Well that backfired. Now when I needed a portable fix, I resorted to my old copy of Meteoes but now… I miss that good old tapping madness. Sure, I have Jumpin’ Jack Flash on my iPod (You’d think I’d want to kill the Stones for making that song for all the times I had to re-listen to it.) but you can’t tap to the beat. Ok, you can but doing it with your feet just isn’t the same. I know I’ll probably feel like an idiot for doing this but I think I might just get it again pre-owned. I miss the agents… for some weird reason. I guess the game’s so good, it can make you cry, beat you senselessly, attempt to strangle you and you still want to play some more… for some weird reason.


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