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“1984” 2.0?

In Apple on January 19, 2007 at 3:45 pm

As with every Super Bowl, it ain’t the game that’s the main attraction and since Nipple-gate, it ain’t half-time either. No, it’s the commercials and it seems Apple will be getting back in the ‘Bowl Ads ring again this year. Will this commercial go down in advertising history as did the legendary “1984” announcing the Mac? Will it be a simple silhouette ad (and will I then need to drive to Cupertino and beat someone to death for being so dumb), an ad to hype up the iPhone (I would doubt, it’s always better to not over-announce an unreleased product and Apple already failed miserably with the iPhone.) or something thing more. The best bet would be an ad to announce Apple Inc.’s partnership with Apple Corps of The Beatles for the availability of their albums on iTunes (and the resulting freezing-over of hell although, with Apple, that’s a common occurrence in recent years). But some are going the extra mile and think that they may announce an iPod à la iPhone. I doubt it (That iPod would be the iPhone killer. Funny, eh?) but only time will tell…

Or maybe it will be “1984” 2.0 : an ad announcing a new Mac… or even Leopard coming out!


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