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EBA : Like A Drug

In DS, Like a Drug, Uncategorized on January 20, 2007 at 3:46 pm

Like a junkie getting withdraws, I was looking for a Elite Beat Agents fix. I was thinking of getting FFIII to fill the DS void that came when I returned my defective copy of EBA but the game is literally impossible to find. Now, I miss the great gameplay of EBA and I only have some of my older games for the DS to play with. I deiced to get a pre-owned copy of EBA at a local EB Games. They didn’t have any but I said “I have enough credits. I’ll get it new (… again) “. Oh, EBA, how I missed you! Seems it was my copy and not my DS that was faulty because, other than the awful shutdowns, my old copy would do a clicking noise when put in sleep mode; this one doesn’t. I just cleared the game with Agent Spin and I intend to finally finish the game with Agent Chieftain (…again). Now that I have a copy again, I think I’m going to do that review I was talking about, too.


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