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Elite Beat Agents 2… Please!

In DS on January 21, 2007 at 11:59 am

If ever a game needed a sequel, it’s EBA. If it’s developers are ready and Nintendo willing, this can become a classic rhythm game in the ranks of Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero. Heck, I’d buy a Wii version where you actually have to dance, and I’m no dancer. But what I want to talk about is a sequel for the DS, what I want to see.

  •  More songs : Yeah, 19’s nice but more is better. How about going expansion pack style : You buy EBA2 which come with 20 something songs. Rather than releasing EBA3… 4… etc., you can buy GBA cartridges (cheaper than the full game) that go in the GBA slot of the DS, each has about 20 more songs and stories. Like this, Nintendo could come out with themed packs (Rock, Pop, etc.).
  • Kill the spinner… kinda : I don’t mind the spinner at the end of the stages (except that time it made me fail the stage) but don’t have ’em in the middle of a song. You can loose your rythm when spinning or forget that a trigger’s coming up.
  • Online multiplayer : Worldwide head to head or 4 player co-op. Sure it’s not as obvious a feature as online in Mario Kart DS but you know you want it.
  • How about some U2… Vertigo anyone? I would love to tap away to Wonderful Night by Fatboy Slim (It would have to be the clean edit, obviously). Oh, the possibilities!

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