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Wii Game Impressions

In DS, Wii on January 24, 2007 at 7:37 pm

The Elite Beat Agents review is nearly done. I want to find someone to play against to have an idea about the multiplayer. Until then, here’s some quick buying advice for the Wii games I have played.

Wii Sports : You probably get it anyway but regardless, it rocks and is THE party game.

The Legend of Zelda :Twilight Princess : My first Zelda game certainly not the last. It has a weird quality of having depth while being simple. An obvious must-have.

Excite Truck : (I’ll try to review this too) The controls aren’t perfect but the game is fun. If you want a simple, “Mario-Kart-minus-cartoon-graphics” driving game, this one’s good.

WarioWare : Smooth Moves : *Sigh* Yes, it’s a great game. The motion sensitive controls are fun. But there’s not much here. You have some multiplayer but with WWSS’s deranged gameplay, you’ll probably only be playing with other WW fans. Although the darts game caught on. I don’t see a point in renting it and it’s priced to high for buying. In my opinion, WarioWare’s gameplay only really works well on portables. It has the pick-up-and-play gameplay that, I think, didn’t translate well onto the Wii.

Red Steel : Can’t say much about it. Sorry!

Because I knew I would buy it anyways, I downloaded Zelda : A Link to The Past. I played a bit and it’s fun but I enjoy TP more. When you go 3D, it’s hard to go back sometimes.

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