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In Wii on February 15, 2007 at 3:21 pm

The results are in for what’s better: Chocolates or Roses in my area in the Everybody Votes Channel. I have to say, Nintendo’s “results show” is surprisingly well done and entertaining. The extra information (Results by gender and winner by region) is cool, too. It seems English speaking quebecquers aren’t so much into roses as the rest of Canada (I assume by the lighter shade of green) but still like ’em better than chocolate.

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UPDATE : Oh, hell no! Nintendo you just outdid yourself! Check out your stats in the Votes Channel (It’s “Voter Data” : The button with two faces). You get points! You get graded Wii Sports style on Personality, Thoughts, Experience, Knowledge and Surroundings. I don’t know how they can know this but! Seems I have 264 points and is 82 meters from the popular opinion. Honestly, this is nearly a good non-game in the same league as Brain Age, but it’s free!

UPDATE 2 : How that happend? I mixed up chocolates with roses. It’s roses that won. I fixed it in the main article.


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