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Welcome To The Alternate Universe : Welcome To Microsoft Design Center

In Uncategorized on February 20, 2007 at 11:56 pm

Oh, crap! I must have click on some inter-dimensional portal or something. I’m somehow on some site showcasing Microsoft Design. I thought that was a commonly accepted oxymoron. It’s on a black background and what-the? Reflections? I thought Apple held the copyrights for those? And no offence to Mr. Reyes’ (shown at the right) abilities but a geeky guy dressed in no matter how much black won’t strike me as screaming “design.” As if that wasn’t odd enough, Apple is referenced on his page! They also talk of the S+ARCK Mouse by Philippe Starck MS did 3 years ago that looks like an Apple mouse with a stripe across it. They had to get a designer to make that? I guess they needed a cover for releasing a mouse like Apple’s. And, my gosh! Look at the image they have for “Team Blackshirt” (at the right) which seems to make widg… gadgets. It’s an apple. With bites out of it. An apple. with bites… (It’s explained in the article but it doesn’t take away from the creepiness)

We sure as hell aren’t in Kansas anymore!

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