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What The Doctor Ordered

In DS, Like a Drug, Wii on February 20, 2007 at 10:45 pm

I’m sick. It’s true! I’m affected with two diseases. First off is Replayaphobia. It’s the fear or more the lack of will to relive a story. For example, when I read a book, I find no reason and have no will to reread it. I know how it ends and I know how it happened. And no amount of gameplay slapped on to a story will change that. Only when gameplay is the main focus will it have a chance of being replayed. So, I need fresh stuff continually. The other disease is Tradeinanitis. I love trading in. I love milking cash out of games I never intend to replay. And usually it works out OK. I do long for some Tetris DS or Mario Kart at times and there was that whole Elite Beat Agents “Trade-in-then-buy-again” screw-up but it works out right usually. But this love of trade in really fuels my need for fresh games. Buying new can get expensive so I trade in games I’m done with to be able to save some money. Now, I could buy pre-played but I also like getting my games near launch dates plus I’m not entirely fond of pre-owned things. It works but with the probable triple-launch of OS X Leopard, iLife ’07 and iWork ’07 (currently all MIA – C’mon Apple! Say something!), I’m looking into saving some money. But, there’s also the new Sonic I want to try and Super Paper Mario in April. Not to mention Super Mario Galaxy that will come soon and other interesting titles like Disaster : Day of Crisis. At 60$ each (plus taxes), that’ll get expensive! So, what to do? Well I heard of GameFly : they’re a website who rents games. Unfortunately, they and pretty much all sites from the US don’t service Canada. So I went searching for Canadian sites. I found a couple and I’m currently looking at Game Access. For $23.95 a month, you can rent 2 games at a time and keep them for an unlimited amount of time. That seem like a fair deal. It’s not just for new games I’m looking at this. It’s also for GameCube games I missed on like Zelda : Wind Waker or Super Mario Sunshine. They also have DS games so I’ll be able to rent Zelda : Phantom Hourglass from them. I’ll probably sign up after I’m done with my current adventures : Zelda : Twilight Princess, which I’m nearly done, and Final Fantasy III.

Oh and Apple : Will you please tell us about the iApps and Leopard, please!


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