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the alt News (With a Dash of Zelda)

In Wii on February 22, 2007 at 8:10 pm

I have most of the iPod article finished. Amazing what you can do when you’re actually interested in what you’re doing. I’m about to start in Photoshop my version of the future iPod. So that’s going well…

(Zelda Spoiler Alert) I’m also done kicking Zant’s rear. This is, not before he did the same to my rear. But I guess there is no greater rush than to win a multi-stage boss battle with 3/4 of a heart to spare. By the way, that guy needs a shrink and fast! I saw him as the cool bad guy but he’s just really a complete nut with a cool mask. Plus, he might want to change religions. Ganonism isn’t exactly a popular choice.

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