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In iTunes/iPod on March 6, 2007 at 11:07 pm

Tuesday has come and no TV shows or movies have popped up on iTunes outside of the US. So while I wait for that and others for their delayed Apple TVs, here’s what I want to see in the new expanded Canadian iTunes :

  • Canadian programming : There ain’t much but some of this stuff is worth showcasing. I won’t be buying, say, Corner Gas, seeing how I can just go to whenever the urge hits me but it’s still a nice thing to have. I also hope some Canadian content goes international : More people need to see Little Mosque on the Prarie for a lighter side to all this dumb Muslim conflict, among others.
  • American shows : Canadian television isn’t complete without American shows. Really, it’s probably less that half complete without them. So I want to see Lost, the CSI gang, and more in Canada. I’m actually a bit intrigued by Heroes and seeing how I missed every episode, I might want to grab a season pass. And I’ll admit to being a “sometimes” watcher of Avatar (Nickelodeon’s animated series) but since the airing schedule of the Canadian provider, YTV, sucks, I stopped watching. Such a shame!
  • American movies : The Canadian film industry can be cut into three parts. 1) US movies filmed in Canada. 2) French movies made for Quebec audiences and 3) the English Canadian movies no one knows about or watches. I think you get what I mean.
  • French Content : Quebec’s one big province. Selling shows to them might bring a fair amount of cash. And I might not mind myself getting some movies dubbed in French.
  • Free Stuff : Yeah, seems networks just love offering series premiere episodes out for free. After being treated to John Hodgman’s audiobook for free from iTunes Canada a while back, I wouldn’t mind getting in on some of that free TV show action they have in the States.

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