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In Mac on April 2, 2007 at 2:26 pm

And now it’s time again for… Wait, never mind. This is the first time. “Palmer” posted in the comments :


I’ve found your blog through a google search for connecting a wii to a mac using EyeTV.

I wondered if you didn’t mind if you could answer a few questions for me?

I’m looking at buying my first mac, an iMac, and want it to be the only screen in my lounge. This means the decision kindof rests on if it can display the Wii acceptably.

How have you found it? Is there any noticeable lag? Does it run smoothly or do games stutter? I know the picture may not be the best because it’s stretched quite a bit, but is it good enough? Also, are you able to display the image in widescreen ok?

Any help would be very much appreciated! thanks!

Hey Palmer,

Using the eyeTV Hybrid to play Wii on the Mac works wonderfully. There is no noticeable lag at all and no stuttering or slowdowns on my Core Duo MacBook Pro (Except when I record video). And I have at least 6 apps open excluding the eyeTV software. I’m a bit sad that the video quality isn’t TV quality but it’s still very playable and games like The Godfather still look great. As for widescreen, you just need to set up the Wii to play in widescreen and then enter Full screen in eyeTV (Double click the video window) and you’re done seeing how the iMac’s screen is a widescreen monitor (You might want to make sure the resolution detection in eyeTV is set to auto by doing Alt + Command (Apple key) + 0. None of the settings seem to do anything but just to make sure, put it on auto.). The video quality settings are in the software’s Preferences if, by any chance, the eyeTV isn’t set up to the highest quality.


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