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Well, Ain’t That Funny!

In Wii on April 3, 2007 at 9:23 pm

Here’s a tale of two control schemes.

Zelda : You control the camera by selecting C and moving the camera with the analogue stick. You can’t move Link in this mode. You get to select 4 weapons with which you can switch on the fly, mapped to down, left and right on the control pad, the current weapon being mapped to the B button. This kind of selection is done in-game. You can also change the 4 weapons with the Minus buttons whenever you feel like it; this will pause your game.

The Godfather : Blackhand Edition : You control the camera with the control pad. This can be done at any time and is independent from character movement. It’s great to see around corners when hugging a wall. The weapon menu is activated with the C button. When C is selected, the 8 corners of the analogue stick each activate a different weapon (The control pad activates Molotovs, dynamites, bombs and your crew in this mode). This won’t pause your game. Selecting C quickly takes out and hides your last weapon.

It’s hard to switch weapons on the fly in Godfather but when you’re out of ammo, you automatically change weapons. Things can get ugly if you’re suddenly attacked and you don’t have a gun set up already. While in Zelda, switching and activating a weapon is quick and simple, not to mention flexible. You have only your most important weapons available and the rest are only a press of a button and a game pause away.

But in Zelda, camera adjustion isn’t good. You can’t always trust the game’s camera angles. You can lock on with Z quickly but this doesn’t help when there are no enemies. The C button gives much more flexability but locks you in place, unable to move, which is risky in battle and just plain annoying otherwise. But in mob-filled New York, you can adjust the camera whenever you feel like it. Heck, due to the fact the camera controls are entirely independant of character movement, you can change the camera angle while you move.

So, Zelda has a good weapon management system but a crappy camera system while Godfather’s weapon selection can be complicated in difficult situations but the camera rocks. Well, ain’t that funny! I guess this shows that developers don’t have the Wii’s control scheme down yet, which is understandable. Not to mention they have to work with less buttons.

  1. Just to point out, I agree with you that the drawing of your gun in Godfather is slow but this is one of the stats you can upgrade to speed up the drawing of your gun.

    But overall I agree. Its annoying having to stand still in Godfather to change weapon and its horrible not being able to adjust the camera in Zelda.

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