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You’ll Flip For it! : Super Paper Mario Review

In Wii on April 29, 2007 at 8:48 pm

I opted for a text review for Super Paper Mario. For now, I’ll be using Final Cut Express for some Mac Tips until another good Wii game come around.

Paper Mario has arrived on Wii and completely changed its formula for Super Paper Mario. Read on to discover if the game is worth your well-earned bills. Skip ahead to the Final Verdict if you can’t wait.

Super Paper Mario’s story start with, Surprise! Princess Peach getting captured. But when the Mario Bros. visit the most likely suspect, Bowser, it ends up that it’s the mysterious Count Bleck who abducted her. He then makes Peach and Bowser marry to unleash the Chaos Heart and the Void upon the worlds. His objective : Destroy everything. Your objective as Mario, and later Peach, Bowser and Luigi, is to find Pure Hearts to counter-act the effects of the Chaos Heart and stop the Count’s plans. As if a story beyond “Bowser stole the princess,” wasn’t already surprising in a Mario game, the game is full of well thought out characters, references and dialogue that makes it stand out from anything one would expect out of a Mario game, although you’ll probably get tired at times of all the chit-chat and want to go strait to the action.

The game plays as your typical Mario game would, although many more elements have been added to make it unique. The most important and well known is Mario’s ability to change the flat 2-D environments into 3-D. Mario can only stay in 3-D for a few moments without suffering loss of health so this is mostly for searching for hidden things and for puzzle-solving. Mario will also be joined by other famous characters who each have special abilities like Mario’s 3D flipping. You’ll also be joined by various Pixls, creatures who offer Mario and friends other abilities such as the ability to grab enemies or blow them up. These abilities can help in combat as well as progress further in the game. You can also use Items to help you in your missions if you need help in battle or are running low on HP. As well as all of this, you will Level up periodically to help you beat tougher foes.

To play most of the game, you’ll hold the Wiimote sideways. To move, talk to others, open doors or use a character’s ability, use the control pad. Be careful when utilizing the control pad as, due to it’s small size, some commands can be activated by accident. To flip into 3D as Mario, select A. To use a Pixl’s ability, select 1. To jump, select 2. To enter the Character / Pixl / Item selection screen, select 1 and 2 at the same time. It can be hard to time the selection of these two buttons correctly. This is kind of surprising seeing how the selection screen is a vital element of the gameplay. To score bonus points, you shake the Wiimote after jumping on an enemy. If an enemy renders you immobile, shake the Wiimote to fill the on-screen gauge, carefully avoiding the close Power Button to not loose gameplay just you started panicking (And yes, It happened to me). The Wiimote’s special abilities are rarely used during the game. You can put the Wiimote in it’s usual position during the game to ask your main companion, a Pixl named Tippi, about enemies, items or to render visible hidden objects. Other than that, some items need to be activated with Wiimote abilities. You’ll also use the Wiimote’s special features in some mini-games and, as stated before, to score bonus points.

The game has a lot of puzzle solving. You can’t simply run through the game, jumping on or dodging enemies. You’ll need to use your memory and the abilities given to you to decipher what you need to do next. Some puzzles need just little exploring while others make you think a bit.

The game has simple graphics but each area of the game has a distinct look and music that gives the environments life.

When you finish the main game, there’s a lot you can do afterwards If you enjoy collecting stuff. From cards to recipes, you can have some fun looking into every nook and cranny of every area. If you’re more into the game’s usual game play, there’s not as much to do. You can find a couple of areas to play in but most switch-activating and passage-revealing stays after completing an area, although creatures and the environments themselves do return to their original state. The most you can do is keep levelling up.

Final Verdict

The game is certainly fun but it’s rather short if you’re good at puzzles and you’re only interested in the main game. Rent it or get it preowned if you don’t think it’s worth the current retail price. Regardless, you should play this game if you like video games. It’s references are hilarious and … well … the game isn’t half bad either.

  1. Anyone notice that the first game series of everything seems cool then the 2nd is like the BEST ever! Then the 3rd just stinks and seems hopeless. 4th is between the 1st and 2nd, great. Like Pokemon, Paper Mario and alot other series. But Long games are the right way to go. Also remember that USUALY Paper Mario has 7 levels, but longer is best to go for.

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