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Not Cool…

In Apple, iPhone on June 29, 2007 at 5:40 pm

Closing the Canadian Online Apple Store… with the iPhone. That’s cold. That’s just cold. If I don’t see some announcement soon (TV, Movies, iPhone : Anything! Hell, updating the site to match would do.) for Canada, … I’ll probably just sulk in a corner while I drool over the iPhone. Damn you, Steve Jobs!


Happy iDay, America

In iPhone, iTunes/iPod, Mac on June 29, 2007 at 9:51 am

iTunes just got updated. Apple Stores across America will close at 2pm. I guess America is just about ready to implode with joy over the iPhone….What, is it so wrong to want to drool over a product that I at least have a small chance of obtaining? If I can’t at least have that, could Apple, for the love of God, get Movies and TV show on iTunes Stores out of the States. I thought they promised them for Early 2007. We’re pretty much at Mid 2007 now. Is it too much to ask to not be treated as a second rate resident in iLand?!… To top it off, GameTap for Mac just got delayed to Thursday. 

Friendly Reminder

In Mac, Wii on June 27, 2007 at 9:08 pm

By the way, Gametap will be launching their free service for Mac tomorrow. You’ll be able to play a couple classic games for free simply by downloading the Lite Player.I’ve been playing Harry Potter for Wii for a while. Still a bit undecided on how I feel about it. All I know is that I have an overwhelming urge of playing my CD of the soundtrack of Chamber of Secrets now. 

Language Barrier

In iPhone on June 27, 2007 at 9:29 am

So, did you watch the newest Apple iPhone preview? About it’s keyboard? Apparently, there’s an English dictionary (like OS X) in the iPhone that affects not only the words the phone recommends to you but the also the area in which a keyboard key will react (The example being you type “tim”; since no English word has “timw-” or “timr-“, the “e” on the QWERTY keyboard will have a larger area in which tapping it will make “e” appear.) The other downside is that I have yet to see where the accented letters (used in many French words such as “bébé” and “tôt”) are on the keyboard. This might be a reason why the phone has yet to be available out of the States, or even in Canada, where French and English are the official languages.

Redefining “F-ing Great”, One Page at a Time

In Uncategorized on June 23, 2007 at 10:52 pm

As much as I like doing my webcomic (project EON : Part 3 starts tomorrow and updates weekdays. Don’t miss it!), no one needs to tell me I’m not the best out there. That’s obvious. Especially when you do see what is the best out there.

Inverloch. I discovered this today, read up to page 727, and can confirm that it rocks. Not just your usual “You have to see this YouTube video” rocks. The ” This must be produced for television” variety. It looks so good and has such a good story, I truly wish it were made into a TV series. You have to read it. And give Sarah Ellerton, the creator, a Klondike Bar… or a PayPal donation … or even buy the print volumes of Inverloch on Amazon.

The Only Reason Being Canadian Sucks

In Apple on June 22, 2007 at 2:59 pm

… That and no good video content on iTunes or online.Did you hate America for getting the iPhone first? Well get ready to hate them with passion. Apple has a 25-minute tour up showing all the features you won’t be getting June 29. By the way, those earbuds rock. And America, I hate you. Very much.


In Wii on June 20, 2007 at 6:36 pm

Manhunt 2. It’s like the Gamer’s Anna Nicole Smith. It’s always in the news. Not only is it banned from the UK and rated Adult Only in North America (making it so most store will refuse to stock it), now both Nintendo and Sony refuse to let it on their platforms. It’s their policy to refuse AO rated games to play on their systems and so Manhunt 2, in it’s current state, cannot legally be played in any way, shape or from, wherever you live. The game would be a welcome addition to the Wii’s lacking Mature line up (Which consists of 8 games, according to the ESRB) but if the game is so vulgar to be rated AO or to even be banned, you have to wonder what kind of game is this? And how much the original version of the game could go for on eBay?

Tapping in

In Mac on June 19, 2007 at 9:42 pm

Gametap, a fee-based all-you-can-play game service (and home to the Myst MMO and the Sam and Max games) recently changed their service to offer everyone a couple free games while keeping other stuff for the paid customers. They recently announced they’ll be catering to the OS X crowd starting this summer and guess what? June 28 counts as the summer. This is just their free version, the paid service coming later. It’s going to use Cider, the tech that brings EA’s upcoming Mac games and Gametap’s own Myst Online alive on Intel Macs. Having played a trial of Myst Online on Mac, I can say that not only does that game have kick-ass graphics, but the Cider technology doesn’t seem to create any noticeable performance hit.

The Apple Experience

In Apple, Mac, Windows on a Mac on June 13, 2007 at 9:24 pm

You might have heard that Safari is now available in Windows. I tried the version 3 beta for Mac and it sure is better than version 2. I already sent a day without it crashing, making it better than the last Safari Crash-fest. As the the Windows version…(WARNING : The following includes massive amounts of sarcasim. Reader discression is advised.)Apple has not only made the best browser for Windows. They ported the full Mac Experience in one app. It’s that glass of ice water to people in hell Steve talked about at the All Things Digital Conference.You want to know how bad Safari for Windows is for me. I HAVE YET TO BE ABLE TO LAUNCH IT. It crashes every time. I tried reinstalling it but it’s no use! Granted, it’s a beta and other people can use it but, c’mon, I can’t even launch it!(BTW, I’m pretty sure WordPress has full or better functionality in Safari 3 than in 2.) 


In Apple, Mac, Windows on a Mac on June 11, 2007 at 2:42 pm

While you wait for the keynote video to come online, visit the new which proves that it wasn’t Justin Timberlake who brought Sexy back but Apple. While you’re there, download the beta for Safari 3 (hopefully better than the freezefest 2 was). Don’t forget to do it on your PCs. Just be careful : doing it quickly might cause your mind to blow. And certainly don’t forget to check out the new Leopard preview page.

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