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In Apple, Mac, Windows on a Mac on June 13, 2007 at 9:24 pm

You might have heard that Safari is now available in Windows. I tried the version 3 beta for Mac and it sure is better than version 2. I already sent a day without it crashing, making it better than the last Safari Crash-fest. As the the Windows version…(WARNING : The following includes massive amounts of sarcasim. Reader discression is advised.)Apple has not only made the best browser for Windows. They ported the full Mac Experience in one app. It’s that glass of ice water to people in hell Steve talked about at the All Things Digital Conference.You want to know how bad Safari for Windows is for me. I HAVE YET TO BE ABLE TO LAUNCH IT. It crashes every time. I tried reinstalling it but it’s no use! Granted, it’s a beta and other people can use it but, c’mon, I can’t even launch it!(BTW, I’m pretty sure WordPress has full or better functionality in Safari 3 than in 2.) 


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