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In Mac on June 19, 2007 at 9:42 pm

Gametap, a fee-based all-you-can-play game service (and home to the Myst MMO and the Sam and Max games) recently changed their service to offer everyone a couple free games while keeping other stuff for the paid customers. They recently announced they’ll be catering to the OS X crowd starting this summer and guess what? June 28 counts as the summer. This is just their free version, the paid service coming later. It’s going to use Cider, the tech that brings EA’s upcoming Mac games and Gametap’s own Myst Online alive on Intel Macs. Having played a trial of Myst Online on Mac, I can say that not only does that game have kick-ass graphics, but the Cider technology doesn’t seem to create any noticeable performance hit.


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