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In Wii on June 20, 2007 at 6:36 pm

Manhunt 2. It’s like the Gamer’s Anna Nicole Smith. It’s always in the news. Not only is it banned from the UK and rated Adult Only in North America (making it so most store will refuse to stock it), now both Nintendo and Sony refuse to let it on their platforms. It’s their policy to refuse AO rated games to play on their systems and so Manhunt 2, in it’s current state, cannot legally be played in any way, shape or from, wherever you live. The game would be a welcome addition to the Wii’s lacking Mature line up (Which consists of 8 games, according to the ESRB) but if the game is so vulgar to be rated AO or to even be banned, you have to wonder what kind of game is this? And how much the original version of the game could go for on eBay?


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