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Language Barrier

In iPhone on June 27, 2007 at 9:29 am

So, did you watch the newest Apple iPhone preview? About it’s keyboard? Apparently, there’s an English dictionary (like OS X) in the iPhone that affects not only the words the phone recommends to you but the also the area in which a keyboard key will react (The example being you type “tim”; since no English word has “timw-” or “timr-“, the “e” on the QWERTY keyboard will have a larger area in which tapping it will make “e” appear.) The other downside is that I have yet to see where the accented letters (used in many French words such as “bébé” and “tôt”) are on the keyboard. This might be a reason why the phone has yet to be available out of the States, or even in Canada, where French and English are the official languages.


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