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The Doctor is In

In Uncategorized on July 26, 2007 at 10:10 pm

I’m not a big fan of Sci-Fi. The most “out there” thing I watch is LOST. Well… it was the most “out there” thing. There’s this show the CBC decided to offer to view online for free. One that I didn’t care much for when it first appeared on CBC a couple of years ago because it seemed too “out there”. Well, I’ve read up on it a bit before and decided that, hey, it’s free. Why not?

That show is Doctor Who. David Tennant is hilarious. It’s more of a Sci-Fimedy with a healthy dose of action and suspense. That and the fact it sounds and looks like a quality production makes it easy to watch, because tacky just isn’t enjoyable unless it’s to be laughed at. Ever since I discovered it, I catch new episodes online every Tuesday. Canadian surfers can too by visiting the CBC’s Doctor Who site. I would buy the last two seasons of the series’ relaunch if it weren’t for the fact they’re overpriced.


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