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The New iPod Line 101 – For Gamers

In iTunes/iPod on September 5, 2007 at 7:13 pm

Apple just came out with a new iPod line. But since the Touch has more features but less space as the Classic for about the same price, I’m sure you’re confused. Well, don’t fear! It’s comparison time! Let’s see if we can demystify the new iPod line by using Gaming.

Shuffle : Casual PC Games : The Shuffle is strait forward and has no nonsense. If you can’t understand how to use it, you shouldn’t be listening to music; you might get hurt or something. The small capacity can be ignored if you use it as intended : just to listen whatever there might be on it in whatever order. Casual PC games are simple and appeal to a large audience. They might not be all flashy but they don’t need to be : they’re simple time-wasters.

Nano : Nintendo DS : Like Steve Jobs noted, it is the best-selling music player, much like the DS is on it’s way to becoming the best-selling game system. It appeals to many since it’s the jack-of-all-trades. music, video, podcasts, and a couple of games. There isn’t a ton of space, like the DS isn’t a graphics powerhouse, but both are priced to be accessible.

Classic : Hardcore games : If you need an external hard drive to hold your music; if you have a music server; if your iTunes bill is in the thousands of dollars; if you bought the best ‘buds possible and you refuse to use the pack-in ‘buds, you buy the Classic. With the massive 80 GB and the ridiculous 160 GB models, they are ready to take on the largest collections. In the end, it’s the space : Just like hardcore games appeal mostly, if not only to those who like hardcore games, the Classic is made for those who eat, sleep and breath music, podcasts and video.

Touch : Wii games with a touch of PSP : The Wii is accessible, new and just plain fun to use. The Touch, based on the iPhone, has the fairly new multi-touch display which makes things easy to navigate and while I can’t speak from experience, I can just guess that it’s fun to flick through your music and photos. It’s pricey, even with the nifty features, much like the Wii might not seem like such a deal when compared to HD systems. But in the end, It’ll probably sell like mad if only for the fact it’s probably just as hackable as the iPhone… much like the PSP.

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