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In iTunes/iPod on September 8, 2007 at 9:29 pm

I felt a bit cheated when the iPhone arrived in the States but not in Canada. It’s not like I use a cell phone enough to justify the monthly fees of the iPhone. Actually, It’s not like I use a cell phone except for maybe one call every two months. But, then again, I feel cheated that Microsoft has yet to sell the Zune outside of the States and there’s no chance in Hell I’d buy it. I look at it as Canada always gets thrown in with the US, we may as well get all the perks that comes with – God dammit, Apple! Sell those TV shows in Canada already!But now, since I can get all I that really matters to me in an iPhone with the iPod touch, I don’t feel so cheated anymore. I just ordered mine tonight. A 16 Giger and a iTunes Card to try out the Wi-Fi Store. I decided to get the 20$ Product (RED) card since I bought a Nano before they had the (RED) ones and I’m not planning on buying a Shuffle any time soon. On the Apple front, it was the only way that made sense for me to help the noble cause of Product (RED). Plus I get a sweet red iTunes Card.


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