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Touchfest Pre-Launch Coverage : iTunes PRODUCT (RED) Card

In Apple, iTunes/iPod on September 13, 2007 at 7:51 pm

14 days until the iPod Touch Launch.

Ever heard of PRODUCT (RED)? It’s a project were whenever you buy a PRODUCT (RED) Product, money is donated for AIDS in Africa. Apple currently has three (RED) Products : the recently updated (RED) iPod nano, the new (RED) iPod shuffle and (RED) iTunes Gift Cards. Here are some shots of the $20 iTunes PRODUCT (RED) Card for the Canadian iTunes Store that I received today.

Here’s the envelope and the gift card the Card comes with. Not exactly environmentally friendly but ready for gift giving.

Here’s what you see inside in both French and English.

And here’s the card itself. My iTunes account was filled with $20 so you aren’t charged more because a portion of the sale goes to charity. You pay for $20 (or whatever amount is available in your country), you get $20.

While I have yet to find such cards in retail stores, you might be able to find one at an Apple Store. In any case, you can obtain them online. Since they are for such a good cause, I urge to get (PRODUCT) RED Cards than the usual iTunes Cards as often as possible. Here are some links to order (RED) Cards for different countries :

$25 PRODUCT (RED) US Card (At the bottom of the page)
$20 PRODUCT (RED) Canada Card
¥3,000 PRODUCT (RD) Japan Card

There are chances I missed a country. Check your online Apple Store or local Apple Store to see if they have (RED) Cards for your country’s iTunes Store. If they don’t, and even if they do, if you’re thinking of getting a shuffle or nano, the (RED) equivalents of these products seem to be more widely available than the (RED) iTunes Store Cards. They’re for a good cause, don’t cost more than their non-(RED) counterparts, and come in a red colour that stands out from the rest.

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